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位置情報を設定済みの場合は、以下のコマンドでFlightradar24のフィーダの位置情報を設定し直します。設定し直す前に、アカウントのメールアドレスとSharing Keyを確認しておきましょう。

$ sudo fr24feed --signup

Welcome to the FR24 Decoder/Feeder sign up wizard!

Before you continue please make sure that:

 1 - Your ADS-B receiver is connected to this computer or is accessible over network
 2 - You know your antenna's latitude/longitude up to 4 decimal points and the altitude in feet
 3 - You have a working email address that will be used to contact you
 4 - fr24feed service is stopped. If not, please run: sudo systemctl stop fr24feed

To terminate - press Ctrl+C at any point

Step 1.1 - Enter your email address (username@domain.tld)

Step 1.2 - If you used to feed FR24 with ADS-B data before, enter your sharing key.
If you don't remember your sharing key, you can find it in your account on the website under "My data sharing".

Otherwise leave this field empty and continue.

Verifying sharing key...OK

Step 1.3 - Would you like to participate in MLAT calculations? (yes/no)$:yes

IMPORTANT: For MLAT calculations the antenna's location should be entered very precise!

Step 3.A - Enter antenna's latitude (DD.DDDD)

Step 3.B - Enter antenna's longitude (DDD.DDDD)

Step 3.C - Enter antenna's altitude above the sea level (in feet)

Using latitude: 35.4902, longitude: 139.6513, altitude: 72ft above sea level

We have detected that you already have a dump1090 instance running. We can therefore automatically configure the FR24 feeder to use existing receiver configuration, or you can manually configure all the parameters.

Would you like to use autoconfig (*yes*/no)$:no

Step 4.1 - Receiver selection (in order to run MLAT please use DVB-T stick with dump1090 utility bundled with fr24feed):

 1 - DVBT Stick (USB)
 2 - SBS1/SBS1er (USB/Network)
 3 - SBS3 (USB/Network)
 4 - ModeS Beast (USB/Network)
 5 - AVR Compatible (DVBT over network, etc)
 6 - microADSB (USB/Network)
 7 - SBSx via Basestation (localhost:30006)

Enter your receiver type (1-7)$:1
Checking for dump1090...FOUND

Step 4.3 - Enter your additional dump1090 arguments or leave empty

Step 5.1 - Would you like to enable RAW data feed on port 30002 (yes/no)$:yes

Step 5.2 - Would you like to enable Basestation data feed on port 30003 (yes/no)$:yes

Step 6 - Please select desired logfile mode:
 0 -  Disabled
 1 -  48 hour, 24h rotation
 2 -  72 hour, 24h rotation
Select logfile mode (0-2)$:2

Saving settings to /etc/fr24feed.ini...OK
Settings saved, please run "sudo systemctl 


$ sudo systemctl restart fr24feed